Skin Care

Aesthetic Skin Cares


LNC UV Protector

Powerful UV protection of SPF50+PA++++ with +++ skin care effects* Gentle on the skin, thanks to the absence of UV absorbents, and highly resistant to water […]

LNC Diaserum

Beautiful skin now, five years from now, and even ten years from now. Diaserum is a beauty serum created exclusively for the purpose of delaying skin […]

LNC Repairing Cream

Scientifically designed skin care in tune with the skin’s rebirth cycle With its lamella structure identical to that of the skin, the cream protects and conditions […]

GHC Soap

Free your skin of impurities with GHC Soap HP for a silky, clear shine. Gently removes impurities. Plant-derived AHA helps to maintain healthy skin turnover. GF […]

GHC 3D Mask & COQ10

GF Extract helps activation of skin cells, makes your skin whitened by inhibition of generation of the melanin pigment. CoQ10 works for pigmentation, wrinkle, and sagging. […]